Austin is an ideal location for both destination and local austin wedding photographers to take wonderful photos. The winters are mild and spring and fall temperatures are just perfect for a beautiful day to have your photos done. The array of venues in Austin is awesome. You will find plenty of indoor and outdoor settings that form the quintessential backdrop for memorable wedding photography.

Here are a bunch of venues that go to show how Austin makes a unique setting for wedding photos.

Zilker botanical gardens

A rose garden and a Japanese garden-what more could you ask for in an outdoor shoot area? The Zilker Gardens are versatile in a way that will flatter your wedding photos, whether it’s you and your spouse- or includes the kids in their toddler moccasins too. Located in a 30-acre park, this venue has different sections which you can have fun switching between. Concrete and rock pathways in the park will also look great in your photos. The highlight has to be the waterfall and the flowers that bloom in spring time.

Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park

This is a huge space to explore. Great shots can be achieved from the walking trail with knee-high flowers. As you go further ahead, you will find chunky rock formations that will also enhance the beauty of your photos greatly. The scenery is made even better when it is sunny.

The Austin skyline

City skylines look great on any photo. The Austin skyline is made unique by the different aspects of the city, all of which are easy to capture. A good place to get it all to fit into your photo is the Lamar Street Bridge-the bridge for cars. From here, the skyline is brought out magnificently and the river running below it is an added bonus. At night, the city lights twinkle and reflect on the water-absolutely magical.

Texas State Capitol

The massive structure stands 14 feet taller than the US Capitol. The well-known building is a favorite for photographers- you too will enjoy taking your photos from there. The pink granite walls are enough decoration for a great shot. The House and Senate chambers are also open to take photos in when not in session.

Blanton Museum of Art

The art museum houses American contemporary art. After extensive water damage repair, the blue walls and a 50-foot ceiling in the atrium and covered walk ways make for a nice photo shoot. Taking photos with the actual exhibits will, however, require you to get some sort of authorization. For art lovers, this is the perfect space in Austin to take amazing photos because the museum does not disappoint when it comes to beauty.

The Arboretum

Technically, this is a mall. What makes it a great photo shoot location is the small park that sits behind Amy’s Ice Cream. It a naturescape that isn’t so alienated from civilization. Giant stone cows for the background transform normal photography into sheer awesomeness.

Should you happen to wed in Austin, then you will certainly enjoy the variety of places from where magical shots can be obtained. The locations here are just a tip of the iceberg and this list is not by any means exhaustive. Many more places are available for different individual preferences.